VISITING A CHURCH for the first time can be an uncomfortable experience so here’s what to expect…


PEOPLE BEGIN WANDERING IN up to half an hour before the start. Hot and cold drinks are served from 10 till the service begins. Most use this time to meet and chat. 


WE SING – SOME BETTER THAN OTHERS. Just before 10.30 the music group powers up for the first song. That’s the signal for us to grab our drinks and take a seat in the main hall.


OFTEN the group leads us in more songs and sometimes there’s a video or a presentation. It depends . . . 


INFORMATION IS GIVEN about upcoming events and other stuff. A collection plate is passed around and you’re a visitor so you don’t put in. 

Beacon Kids_2

THERE’S SOMETHING FOR THE KIDS. like songs, or a story, or maybe puppets.


BEFORE THE TALK the children and youth leave the main hall to join their groups.


A SPEAKER EXPLAINS a passage from the Bible – its meaning and implications for our lives.


THERE’S MORE TIME TO SOCIALISE with drinks and often cakes and biscuits. At some point we gather up belongings and drift off home or elsewhere.


AND THAT’S THE START because during the week we meet in homes to discuss the teaching from the previous Sunday so we can put it in our lives.

House Groups2

BECAUSE CHURCH IS MORE THAN A SERVICE. It’s people living life together, helping one another and helping the communities where they live. So each week we meet in small groups to discuss the Sunday message, to learn about God, to pray – eat – laugh – live.

We call these House Groups and they’re the heart of our church.