Church Membership

For all those seeking church membership at the Beacon Church we would ask you to read and consider the Beacon Church Membership Doc, the Beacon Church Statement of Faith as well as the Beacon Church mission statement. The Membership Matters series is currently available on the church’s sermon site having been recorded November 2016. In applying for membership, it is important that you are happy with the doctrinal positions and Biblical Beliefs of the church that are expressed within these documents.

The questions below are designed to support the process of applying for membership at the Beacon Church. Please feel free to copy and paste this document to use as an outline for a letter of application or if you prefer to print off a copy of the questions and fill them in by hand.

We feel that it is important that all questions (where applicable) are answered with relevant and appropriate details as these answers will form the basis of your membership discussion with one of the church elders. Please feel free to use additional sheets for expanded answers as necessary.

For couples, we would ask that you both complete a form or letter and provide the information outlined below, we will however probably meet and chat with you together about membership.

To download a membership application form please click here: Church Membership Application Pack

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