Read Philemon  

Focus on Philemon 1-3

Paul sends greeting to a ‘fellow worker’ and ‘soldier’, what is Paul saying about Philemon and Archippus? Could these titles be applied to people in our church today?

How might someone address a letter to us today? How would they describe us in terms of what we do for Jesus?

Focus on Philemon 4-7

In what ways is Paul encouraged by Philemon and the church that meets at his house?

What does he pray for the church? What is at the center of this prayer?

Focus on Philemon 8-21

Summarize these verses:

  • What is Paul asking of Philemon?
  • How does he speak about Onesimus?
  • What appeals does Paul make to Philemon?

How do Paul’s words to the church in Colossi in Colossians 3:12-14 echo the same sentiment as Paul is expressing here?

What does it mean to truly forgive someone? What does it look like in the way I act and feel towards someone who has hurt me in the past?