Be blessed October 2017

“When things don’t go right!”

No life is never without its difficulties. No matter what our family we will face problems at home. No matter what our school is we will face problems. In every part of a life there will be times when we wonder what is going on, things we didn’t anticipate or want, have invaded our space and it just doesn’t seem fair or right!

In situations like that we need to think very carefully about our response. Some options are feeling sorry for ourselves, feeling angry at God, giving up on God, accepting what’s happened as fate and carrying on, blaming ourselves or others, giving up on life altogether.

What is the response of the person with a living faith in the living God? It may not be leaping about clapping our hands singing at the top of our voice. There are times when our faith is really tested and we struggle to smile. Think of the attitude of Jesus in the temptation in the desert Matthew 4; or the Garden of Gethsemane Mark 14; in Herod’s palace Luke 23; or Pilate’s judgement hall John 18. These were times when it seemed that “things were not going right” for Jesus from a human point of view.

Jesus was perfect and the Son of God, but in his suffering he is our example. He was where God wanted him to be and he accepted what was happening as from his Father. Isaiah chapter 53 tells us how Jesus faced the suffering brought into his life under God’s hand. It is not pretty or petty, it is crushing physically and spiritually for Jesus, it is suffering beyond our understanding, but his attitude is our example.

His silence in the face of what seemed so unfair speaks of his faith in his Father. His answers to the questions asked at his trial speak of his knowledge that this is God’s will for him. Sometimes it’s our silence that speaks the loudest, when we can’t give an explanation or a reason but our faith is in our Heavenly Father who we know can do no wrong. When we speak about our faith, along with our acceptance of God’s will, it shines out to others.

As we face difficulties that are not of our making and we live through them with dignity and faith, people notice the difference in us, they noticed the difference in Jesus. They stand and notice our attitudes, silences, actions and words and through them God speaks.

When our conduct is displaying our faith God is being glorified and the evidence of a living faith in God cannot be denied. It may even draw the comment, “I wish I had your faith!”. Now that’s worth hearing! Let’s show our living faith when things aren’t going “right”.

Be blessed,