Psalm 77

One of the beautiful things about the psalms is that they written out of experience. They pull no punches in what they say. They are honest in the feelings, desires and emotions they express as the writers cry out to God.

The first part of this song is the writer looking at his life and wondering if God has left him. He has been in distress and can’t rest. He has cried out to God during the long hours of the night and God doesn’t seem to be there. He wonders if God will ever love him again. These are dark times in his thoughts. We don’t know the specifics of his problem but it has greatly affected him. I don’t know about you but there have been times in my life when God just doesn’t seem to be close, when heaven doesn’t feel open and I’ve wondered if I’ll ever know that intimacy with God again. They are dark places that I never wanted to visit, that no-one wants to visit.

Then I thought…. How does the writer deal with this? He remembers what God has done, the glorious and miraculous things. He remembers the miracles of God from years ago, the mighty things that God has done, the fact that God is holy and there is no-one to compare to him. He bows I worships and declares “You are the God who performs miracles”.

As he finishes his song he reflects on the almighty power of the shepherd God leading his people. His footprints were not seen but He was leading his people like a flock.

Circumstances can, if we allow them, bring us to a dark place where we feel God isn’t there for us anymore. How do we get out of this dark place? It must be by focussing our thoughts on the greatness of God and what He has done in the past for others and for us.

Our God is the God who does miracles. This must mean that nothing is impossible for him. He can change circumstances, resolve issues, solve problems and work in ways we haven’t thought about. Our God is one in whom we can have total confidence. If we live with those thoughts we won’t go to a dark place, but if we are there, these thoughts will bring us out.

Be blessed.


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